Wind Energy Market in India Through 2009-13

 The Indian wind energy sector has been growing rapidly in past few years, mostly due to Government’s initiatives such as tax exemptions and subsidies.

The total gross on-shore wind energy potential in India is estimated to be of 48,561 MW. The total installed capacity was 10,242.25 MW as on 31st March, 2009. With this installed capacity India raked 5th in the wind power sector all over the world after behind USA, Germany, Spain and China.

This capacity is growing rapidly due to the entry of various private players in manufacturing of wind turbines and production of electricity. This is a good sign, as the indigenous production of the equipment makes it more feasible for installation of wind mills. The tariff charges offered by the various state governments are also very attractive and helping boost the growth of the sector.

Government policies are also helping the sector positively. The availability of loans up to 70% of the total cost of the project, 80% depreciation in first year, zero import duty and tax holidays for new projects for 5 years are a few policies of government which is attracting new players in this sector. For conventional energy sources, the cost per unit ratio increases with time; but this is not the case with wind energy and other renewable energy sources as raw material cost is zero.

It is projected that within next decade wind energy will constitute of more than 10% of the total energy production of India. Government of India is planning to infuse around Rs. 60,000 crores in next few years under 11th five year plan in this industry, which will boost the growth of this sector and help reach this estimated installed capacity.

This report provides detailed information on Indian wind energy market with forecasts up to 2013. This report also has detailed profiling of fourteen wind turbine manufacturers approved by Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) apart from key turbine blade and generator manufacturers.

The companies profiled in this report are Enercon India Limited, Global Wind Power Limited, India Wind Power Limited, Kenersys India Private Limited, Leitner Shriram Manufacturing Limited, Pioneer Wincon Private Limited, ReGen Powertech Private Limited, RRB Energy Limited, Siva Windturbine India Private Limited, Southern Wind Farms Limited, Suzlon Energy Limited, Vestas Wind Technologies India Private Limited, WinWind Power Energy Private Limited, Elecon Engineering Company Limited, LM Glasfiber India Private Limited and ABB India Limited.

This report provides a snapshot view of competitive landscape in Indian wind energy sector, key trends and identifies key challenges for new players.

Key Topics Covered:


India’s Energy Position

Need for Wind Energy in India

* Energy Security
* Kyoto Protocol
* Economic Viability

Wind Energy Market in India

* Forecasts for Indian Wind Energy Sector 2009-13

Growth Drivers and Inhibitors for Wind Energy

* Growth Drivers
* Inhibitors

Policies Related to Wind Energy Sector in India

* Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Policies
* Center for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) Policies
* Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) Policies
* Central Government Incentives
* State Government Policies

Wind Power Generation Technology

C-WET Certified Wind Electric Generator/Turbine Manufacturers

Profile of Key Players in Indian Wind Energy Sector

Wind Turbine Comparison Chart

Competitive Landscape in Indian Wind Energy Sector

Key Trends in Indian Wind Energy Sector

Challenges for New Players in Indian Wind Energy Sector

Companies Mentioned:

* Enercon India Limited
* Global Wind Power Limited
* India Wind Power Limited
* Kenersys India Private Limited
* Leitner Shriram Manufacturing Limited
* Pioneer Wincon Private Limited
* ReGen Powertech Private Limited
* RRB Energy Limited
* Siva Windturbine India Private Limited
* Southern Wind Farms Limited
* Suzlon Energy Limited
* Vestas Wind Technologies India Private Limited
* WinWind Power Energy Private Limited
* Elecon Engineering Company Limited
* LM Glasfiber India Private Limited
* ABB India Limited