U.S. Military order Zap Electric Truck

The reorder was based on an initial trial order placed in June. The new order includes eleven Zaptruck XLs as well as five 220-volt fast charging stations.

The company also confirmed that ZAP CEO Steven Schneider and Board Chair Priscilla M. Lu have just returned from China where they negotiated expanded manufacturing supply line agreements prompted by increased demand for 100% electric vehicles from corporate and government fleet buyers in the U.S.

According to Amos Kazzaz, ZAP’s COO in charge of production and sales, "We have been increasing our production and assembly schedules for the past several months and I expect to see even more ramp-up initiatives in the next quarter."

While the XL trucks are normally equipped with on-board 110-volt or 220-volt smart chargers, the charging stations are specially designed for rapid charging. Like a fuel pump, the electric trucks can pull up and plug in between trips, what is called an "opportunity charge" in the industry. These advanced chargers are designed to charge ZAP trucks almost completely in an hour, enabling the vehicles with much greater range on a daily basis.

ZAP noted a significant increase in interest from fleet buyers over the past several months. In August, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded ZAP a contract for seven ZAP trucks.

FAA Orders Fleet of Electric Trucks from ZAP

Electric vehicle pioneer ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) announced the company has been awarded a contract to supply the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with a fleet of its popular Zaptruck XL, a versatile 100% plug-in electric truck. The FAA will take deliveries of the vehicles in September at a major metro center in the Midwest.

Commented ZAP CEO Steven Schneider, "This announcement demonstrates leadership by the Federal Government to move away from oil and gas consuming vehicles into non-polluting, emission-free, more economical transportation." Schneider indicated the company has been responding to a large number of municipal and governmental RFQ’s for vehicles of a similar nature. "We’ve been delivering to cities, counties, hospitals, colleges, park districts, corporations, small businesses and now we’re pleased to be providing them to the Federal Government. ZAP’s product strategy is paying off because we have affordable models available for delivery in an era when electric car demand has never been greater."

Schneider said the initial order for seven Zaptruck XLs was placed through one of ZAP’s specialty dealers, a certified SDVOSB (Service-connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) supplier in Southern California.

In June, ZAP shipped Zaptruck XLs to the U.S. military.

100% Electric – Zero Air Pollution (ZAP)

ZAP is a leading distributor of affordable, efficient, 100% electric vehicles in the United States and has established a network of licensed automobile dealers throughout the United States. Plans for European distribution are underway as well. In January 2009, ZAP unveiled a high performance electric roadster called the Alias which is planned for deliveries in late 2010. ZAP launched the XEBRA in 2006. Our first automotive product comes in a four-passenger sedan version and a two-passenger utility pickup truck.. Almost all EVs sold are LSVs. With speed restricted to 25 MPH. Xebra Zapcars and Zaptrucks are licensed to go up to 40 MPH to fill the growing demand for electric vehicles in use for urban, in-town driving. Other vehicles sold by ZAP include the XL truck, the Zapvan Shuttle, and ATV called Dude and the always popular Zappy3 scooter line.