Petra Solar Starts Shipping in Largest Solar Electric Project

 Accepting the shipments was purchaser PSE&G, the state’s largest utility. PSE&G and Petra Solar recently entered into a contract, valued at $200 million, which requires Petra Solar to deliver approximately 200,000 SunWave intelligent PV solar units for installation by PSE&G plans for installation on poles in its service territory, which includes the state’s six largest cities and some 300 rural and suburban communities.

"Petra Solar’s solar photovoltaic solutions enable utilities to maximize the value of their existing resources in innovative ways," said Petra Solar President and CEO Shihab Kuran. "With Petra Solar’s SunWave technology, they use existing utility poles to host solar units, creating a distributed system of power generation throughout their service area."

He noted that the SunWave systems not only turn the poles into solar generators but can also communicate with the electric grid and can offer smart grid capabilities. The systems can improve grid reliability through real-time communications between solar generators in the field and the utility control center. In addition, the Petra systems can enhance electric distribution grid reliability through a host of capabilities such as voltage and frequency monitoring and reactive power compensation.

Petra Solar will ship 150 solar units this week, following an initial delivery of 50 units last week. It continues to gear up to fulfill its contract, which calls for shipments to increase to 1,500 units per month by the end of the year.

In addition to securing the PSE&G contract last month, Petra Solar became the first business awarded funding under New Jersey’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Fund in July, and the U.S. Department of Energy awarded it the prestigious multi-million SEGIS contract to develop power management and control technologies that will enable a higher penetration of distributed solar in the electric grid.

"We are very gratified that our business interests line up directly with the public’s interest in producing clean energy and green jobs," said Kuran, noting that the company will triple its workforce in the next year.

Petra Solar, Inc., the leading provider of innovative photovoltaic (PV) solutions for utilities, will be producing 200,000 smart solar systems for installation on PSE&G utility poles and street light poles in the largest pole-attached solar installation in the world, following the NJ Board of Public Utilities approval of a new PSE&G program today. Petra Solar will also be creating more than 100 green jobs in installation, research and development, operational and manufacturing of the pole-mounted, grid-connected solar PV system.

In a contract of about $200 million with PSE&G, Petra Solar will make units for 200,000 poles in New Jersey’s six largest cities and 300 rural and suburban communities in PSE&G’s service territory. Over the 3 1/2 year life of the contract, Petra will add the green jobs to its employee base of 40-plus employees, most of whom work in the company’s South Plainfield headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar, said, "This contract is transformational for us. We are tripling in size and will start hiring immediately. We invite those interested in applying for positions to visit the company’s website at

Kuran added, "We at Petra Solar are very pleased to enter a contract with PSE&G to provide 200,000 pole-mounted, grid-connected solar systems. This effort exemplifies the Obama and Corzine administration goals of transforming energy technology into energy employment opportunities while at the same time addressing global energy and climate change challenges."

"Our SunWave™ pole-mounted, grid-connected PV generation system delivers true technological innovation,"Kuran said. "Our product will enable PSE&G to enhance the reliability of its delivery of electricity to customers."

Petra’s SunWave system combines highly distributed, grid connected photovoltaic generation and smart grid communications capabilities. In addition it provides enhancement of electric distribution grid reliability through a host of functions such as voltage support.