Jumbo Offshore concludes monopile removal work for wind power in Taiwan

Jumbo Offshore has completed the removal of two monopiles at the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) in Taiwan. Jumbo Offshore’s crew carried out the work reliably, while deploying their European DP2 Fairplayer heavy lift crane vessel to support operations on site.

Jumbo Offshore won the contract from Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. (YWPC) earlier this year for the removal of monopiles at Yunlin OWF. The contract award represented an expansion of Jumbo Offshore’s existing scope, involving the transportation and installation (T&I) of transition parts.

As an additional part of the project, two monopiles that previously suffered pile dislodgement in an earlier phase of the project would be removed. This involved underwater cutting of the monopiles into sections, as well as retrieving, transporting and unloading the sections.

The comprehensive nature of the scope meant working with Jumbo’s trusted subcontractors. The Fairplayer was equipped with a subsea abrasive lifting and cutting tool supplied by Claxton Engineering Services, as well as an ROV supplied by IKM subsea and reconnaissance equipment by Reach subsea. With these, the Fairplayer was able to successfully eliminate the monopiles. The individual sections were lifted into the ship’s cargo hold for transportation to a local port in Taiwan and unloading at the dock.

For the execution of the works, Jumbo Offshore provided a project management team and the construction engineering team. From the signing of the contract to the successful completion of the works, only five months passed, including the ship’s journey from Europe to Taiwan.

Milad Sheikhi, Director of Sales and Business Acquisition at Jumbo Offshore, “Our dedicated team worked solidly to support our client throughout the project and remained flexible. Achieving what you set out to achieve successfully and on time is rewarding for the team. Delivering a safe and reliable service as promised is and always will be our primary commitment as a T&I contractor for the installation and decommissioning of future offshore wind projects.”

Jochem Tacx, Package Director at YWPC: “It was a pleasure to collaborate with Jumbo Offshore on this project. The close interaction of the project teams facilitated efficient execution, within a tight schedule and budget constraints. The hands-on project management approach, combined with in-house technical expertise, resulted in a well-coordinated monopile removal campaign. “We look forward to continuing close collaboration with Jumbo Offshore until the other scopes of works on the Yunlin OWF project have been completed.”

Jumbo Offshore is a privately owned company, part of the Jumbo Group, with a versatile, state-of-the-art fleet of specialist offshore installation and transport crane vessels operating around the world, in both the renewable energy and energy industries. submarine and offshore industry. Jumbo Offshore is a flexible, customer-focused installation contractor, providing customers with robust, efficient and carefully designed installation and transportation solutions.

From the pier to the seabed
With a track record and technical expertise, Jumbo Offshore has earned a strong reputation as a reliable contractor with cost-effective “dock to seabed” solutions. Additionally, Jumbo offers seamless and unmatched engineering logistics installation support through its transportation division. Their unique methods reduce project risk, save costs and enable our clients to build scale for their marine energy developments.

Submarine and offshore: heavy lifting and underwater operations
In relatively shallow water environments, Jumbo is expert in installing fixed installations such as pile foundations, jigs, conductors, jackets and topsides. In more challenging deep and ultra-deep waters, Jumbo excels at subsea surveying of large, complex structures and foundations. This also includes the supply of complete FPSO mooring system installations.

Renewables: WTG Foundation Facilities
His current track record includes hundreds of wind turbine foundation installations; In relatively shallow waters, they are experts in installing transition piece foundations on monopiles and/or pre-installing pin-piles for jackets. As offshore wind energy further develops in deeper waters, Jumbo leverages its extensive mooring and subsea installation experience to create unique mooring and T&I connection solutions for floating wind farm structures anchored to the seabed.