POWERCHINA constructs photovoltaic project in Suriname

Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) has handed over the first site of the second phase of a microgrid photovoltaic project in Suriname.

The project will provide more people in remote villages with an uninterrupted 24-hour power supply.

The second phase of the Suriname Village Microgrid Photovoltaic Project is an off-grid microgrid project that combines photovoltaic, energy storage, and diesel generation hybrid energy. A total of five project groups covering 34 forest villages were constructed by POWERCHINA. The annual power generation capacity will be approximately 5,314 MWh. This first handover site covers 12 forest villages, benefiting approximately 1,550 local villagers.

In 2019, POWERCHINA signed a contract for the first phase of the Suriname village microgrid photovoltaic project. The scope of the project included the design, procurement, and construction of projects with 650 kilowatts of photovoltaics and 2.6 MWh of energy storage.