In Peru there are more than 10,000 MW in photovoltaic projects and more than 9,000 MW in wind energy

There is no shortage of proposals, but of energy buyers, constant supply capacity and prices.
Renewable energy projects in Peru reach 20,000 megawatts, but without demand?
Large energy consumers have turned their attention to renewable sources and mechanisms that guarantee that their operations impact the environment as little as possible. Is this enough to promote the projects that are advancing in Peru?
The potential of renewable energy sources in the country is widely known. There are 20,000 megawatts (MW) in projects, enough to move the economy of a country the size of Bolivia, Ecuador or Uruguay.
These initiatives have presented their pre-operational study (EPO) to the Economic Operation Committee of the National Interconnected System (COES-Sinac, a technical body in charge of managing the supply of the electrical system) and are ready to obtain the concession, close the financing and begin to build.