Repair and refurbishment of wind turbine components is a growing business

Both OEMs and other suppliers are experiencing significant growth in this wind energy sector, which continues to increase in volume as the average age of wind farms rises.

Spain is precisely the country with the highest average age in the entire European Union, and therefore, it has a significant activity in these types of services.

Without going any further, GE Vernova has a repair and refurbishment plant in Noblejas, Toledo. According to GE itself in an article, the plant is only 10 years old, but what started as an exclusive workshop for internal repairs has ended up becoming a relevant business that sends refurbished components worldwide.

The warehouse was expanded from 9,000 to 14,000 square meters in 2021 and is capable of repairing different types of components, not only from GE machines but also from other manufacturers.

It’s worth taking a look at the article where they explain a bit more about how this perhaps not so well-known activity works.

Sergio Fdez Munguía