India and now the US: countries cover irrigation canals with photovoltaic energy panels

India suffers greatly from droughts and the United States is taking measures to avoid such situations. Thanks to a study by the University of California we know that the country would save 240 million liters of water in the state if it covered irrigation canals and these measures are now being taken.
It is a simple, relatively cheap and very effective option, which prevents evaporation in canals and reservoirs. The country had already invested $25 million in canals in California, Arizona, Utah and Oregon. If the result is positive, the North American country will expand the project even further.

There are a number of advantages. By covering irrigation canals with solar panels, it is possible to obtain electricity and considerably reduce the risk of drought, in addition to ensuring water quality.
India had already done it in regions such as Gujarat, which has around 80,000 kilometers of irrigation canals. The results in the country were quite positive.