EDPR starts production of two new photovoltaic projects in The Netherlands with more than 25 MWp

By commissioning these photovoltaic projects, EDPR is progressing in its strategy of electrification through renewables and contributing to value creation by reducing emissions and offering more competitive energy prices;

With a joint generation of over 37 GWh of clean energy annually, Berkelland and Drachten were developed through Kronos Solar EDPR.

EDP Renewables (EDPR), global leader in the development of renewable energy, has recently energized and started production of two new solar parks located in The Netherlands. This portfolio is composed by the second phase of Berkelland, which was EDPR’s first renewable project located in The Netherlands, and by Drachten.

With a combined installed capacity of 25.6 MWp (20.5 MWac), both projects were developed through Kronos Solar EDPR. This milestone reinforces the commitment of EDPR to achieve the energy transition goals in the country as well as to strengthen its solar footprint and build a diversified portfolio of renewable assets worldwide.

It is expected that Berkelland and Drachten will jointly produce over 37 GWh of clean energy annually. Additionally, the output of both will amount to the equivalent of the annual domestic electricity consumption of over 13,000 households in the region while averting close to 6,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

With the acquisition of Kronos Solar EDPR, EDP Renewables has penetrated new markets, including the Netherlands and Germany, establishing a presence in 13 European countries. Kronos Solar EDPR has a track record of successful projects and a significant pipeline in different development stages.

In the first quarter of 2024, EDPR generated 3,5 TWh of clean electricity in Europe with an installed capacity of over 5.5 GW. In this period, the company added close to 0.5 GW of solar capacity worldwide, aligned with its strategy set at the Business Plan 2023-2026.

EDP Renewables has a portfolio of high-quality renewable projects of more than 100 MWp in the Netherlands, representing a stable platform for continued growth over the coming years as the country meets its decarbonization targets.