AEROX Accelerates Wind Energy Sector Growth with Next-Generation Coatings for Turbine Blade Protection

After two years of collaboration under a Joint Research and Development Agreement (JRDA) with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, AEROX proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation in wind turbine blade protection: AROLEP® 940 and AROLEP® 940 bio coatings. Leveraging MCC’s BENEBiOL™, these cutting-edge coatings demonstrate outstanding erosion resistance, surpassing existing solutions even in offshore applications.
The AROLEP 940 series delivers unparalleled performance, even in the harshest offshore conditions, setting a new standard in blade edge protection coatings. Enhanced application conditions further reinforce the robustness of the renowned AROLEP® product line. Notably, the AROLEP 940 bio variant aligns with sustainability objectives by reducing the carbon footprint associated with turbine materials.
“As the wind energy sector faces unprecedented projections for new capacity installations both onshore and offshore in the coming years, AEROX is dedicated to driving innovation to meet these challenges,” said Asta Sakalyte, Director of R&D at AEROX. “Our collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable solutions that contribute to the growth and efficiency of the renewable energy sector.”
The collaboration between AEROX and MCC started in October 2021 and aimed at synergizing MCC’s expertise in advanced materials with AEROX’s leadership in wind turbine blade product development. Throughout the project, various product lines were explored, culminating in the development of the AROLEP 940 series.

AEROX, headquartered in Valencia, Spain, with subsidiaries in China and the US, was established in 2014 with a vision to become the foremost supplier of polymer materials for the wind industry. Focused on designing and manufacturing superior materials for wind turbine rotor blades, AEROX is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector.