Photovoltaics advances in Angola

The Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, and the governor of Lunda Sul, Daniel Félix Neto, led the inauguration ceremony of the Saurimo Photovoltaic Park, in Lunda Sul. The event was attended by esteemed government officials, including the Secretary of State for Energy, Arlindo Carlos, and ambassadors from the United States of America, South Korea and Portugal.

Governor Daniel Félix Neto expressed his satisfaction with the project and highlighted its importance in easing energy restrictions in Saurimo, where dependence on fuel-operated thermal plants posed significant challenges. The project won praise from international partners, with ambassadors praising cooperation between countries to foster progress.

Minister João Baptista Borges underlined the economic benefits of the solar park, highlighting the substantial savings in diesel costs and the project’s contribution to Angola’s goal of providing access to electricity to 50% of the population by 2027. He also highlighted the importance of the training of technicians and the inclusion of water supply in the project.

In technical terms, the Saurimo Photovoltaic Park has an installed capacity of 26.14 MW and will serve approximately 171 thousand people. With a budget of 38.8 million euros, the project includes 44,850 solar panels and is expected to save more than 19 million liters of fuel per year, while avoiding emissions of more than 68,000 tons of CO2.

This inauguration marks the first of seven solar parks planned in several provinces of Angola, with a total capacity of 370 MWp and scheduled for completion by the end of the year. These parks will significantly reduce diesel consumption, resulting in substantial savings on fuel import costs and promoting environmental sustainability.

As part of the inauguration event, the delegation also visited the Txicumina plant and PS01, underscoring Angola’s commitment to advancing renewable energy infrastructure and promoting sustainable development.