Brazil exceeds 41 GW of installed power in photovoltaic solar energy

This Tuesday (02), Brazil surpassed the mark of 41 GW of installed power in solar power photovoltaic (PV), according to data from ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency). This number includes both DG (distributed generation) and GC (centralized generation).

Currently, the country has 28.01 GW in DG and 13.04 GW in GC. At the beginning of March, Brazil reached the 40 GW mark, that is, in one month it added another GW of power to its energy matrix.
Distributed generation

Brazil has 2.48 million photovoltaic systems that benefit 3.57 million consumers in the Solar DG segment. The systems are installed in 99% of Brazilian municipalities, 5,547 of the 5,570 cataloged by the IBGE.

The main consumption classes in this segment are residential, responsible for 13.5 GW, and commercial, responsible for another 8 GW. Rural and industrial areas are responsible for 4 GW and 2 GW, respectively.
Centralized generation

Meanwhile, in the GC segment, in addition to the 12.99 GW in operation, there are still another 131.8 GW granted in plants that have not yet come into operation.

Of these 131.8 GW, around 6.8 GW are in plants under construction and the rest in works that have not yet started. All 26 Brazilian states, in addition to the Federal District, have at least one large plant in operation.