Iberdrola is awarded a 375 MW offshore wind energy project in Japan

Iberdrola, in a consortium with Japan Renewable Energy Corporation and Tohoku Electric Power, has been awarded a 375 megawatt (MW) offshore wind farm that will be located off the coast of Happo Town and Noshiro City, in the Akita prefecture (Japan).

The project, put out to tender by the Japanese Government, will be made up of 25 monopile, fixed-bottom wind turbines, with a capacity of 15 MW each, and its construction is scheduled to begin in 2026.

According to the calendar managed by GK Happo Noshiro Offshore Wind, the consortium made up of the three companies, the park would begin operations in 2029.

Iberdrola, Japan Renewable Energy Corporation and Tohoku Electric Power will be involved in all aspects of business execution, including development and operation, while Akita Bank will support them in cooperating with local companies and implementing regional development measures.