Ocean Winds remains on track to annually power5 million homes and businesses in Europe by 2026

  • After announcing last year in WindEurope having secured €7.4 billion of euros of investment for projects in France and in the United-Kingdom, Ocean Winds returns to this year’s event with four offshore wind farms advancing their construction phases, on track to power the equivalent of around 2 million homes and businesses in Europe by 2025 and close to an additional 1 million by 2026.
  • Already powering close to 2 million households in Europe from its three operating offshore wind farms, and despite a current challenging context, Ocean Winds reinforces its long-term commitment to the energy transition, and the development of a sustainable offshore wind industry in Europe.

Ocean Winds (OW), the international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created as a 50-50 joint venture by EDP Renewables and ENGIE, is steadily advancing construction of 2 GW of offshore wind power in Europe.

Our Moray West (882 MW) project in Scotland, United Kingdom, has already completed more than two third of the monopiles offshore installation, installed its two offshore substations and connected them with export cables pull-ins, while blades and turbines are arriving at the Port of Nigg for assembly – on track for first power in 2024.

In France, both the Dieppe Le Tréport (500 MW) and îles d’Yeu and Noirmoutier (500 MW) projects have completed the offshore seabed preparation, while the first monopiles and top sides of the latter are already arriving at La Rochelle and foundations installation campaign is about to start. Commissioning is expected in 2025 for îles d’Yeu and Noirmoutier and 2026 for Dieppe Le Tréport.

Grzegorz Gorski, Chief Operating Officer for Ocean Winds, commented “In a challenging year for infrastructures – and more precisely for the offshore wind sector with renegotiations with suppliers due to high inflation and interest rates, geopolitical impacts on routes, and regulations adjustments – I am proud of our teams working hand-in-hand with the various actors of the industry to find cutting-edge solutions for our 2 GW capacity under construction to remain on track for power in 2025/2026; paving the way for a sustainable energy transition.” He added “At the beginning of a strategic year for floating offshore wind in Spain, we are thrilled to come together with all stakeholders in our home market, for this year’s edition of the WindEurope event.”

Being the floating content partner of the event for the second year running, WindEurope 2024 also represents the opportunity for OW to share more on its floating wind pioneer position and expertise operating WindFloat Atlantic, the world’s first semi-submersible floating offshore wind farm; building Eoliennes Flottantes du Golfe du Lion, and developing commercial scale floating projects in South Korea, the United-States and the United-Kingdom.

During WindEurope 2024, meet us on stand 3-A20 to discuss this key moment for the offshore wind sector and our company.

References to Ocean Winds’ portfolio of projects in operation and under construction:

  • Moray East, UK, Operation, 950 MW, equivalent of 1.4 million households powered annually
  • Seamade, Belgium, Operation, 487 MW, equivalent of 500.000 households powered annually
  • WindFloat Atlantic, Portugal, Operation, 25 MW, equivalent of 25.000 households powered annually
  • Moray West, UK, Construction, 882 MW, equivalent of 1.3 million households powered annually
  • Îles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier, France, Construction, 500 MW, equivalent of 800.000 households powered annually
  • Dieppe Le Tréport, France, Construction, 500 MW, equivalent of 850.000 households powered annually
  • EFGL, France, Construction, 30 MW, equivalent of 50.000 households powered annually

Households and businesses powered are equivalent for energy installed capacity compared to the resident consummation of electricity where the projects are implemented.

Ocean Winds holds exclusivity for an additional 13.2 GW of offshore wind gross capacity, currently under advanced development.

Ocean Winds (OW) is an international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created as a 50-50 joint venture, owned by EDP Renewables and ENGIE. Based on our belief that offshore wind energy is an essential part of the global energy transition, we develop, finance, build and operate offshore wind farm projects all around the world.

When EDPR and ENGIE combined their offshore wind assets and project pipeline to create OW in 2019, the company had a total of 1.5 GW under construction and 4.0 GW under development.  OW has been adding rapidly to that portfolio and is now on a trajectory to reach the 2025 target of 5 to 7 GW of projects in operation, or construction, and 5 to 10 GW under advanced development. Currently, OW’s offshore wind gross capacity already operating, in construction or with advanced development rights granted has reached around 17 GW.