Acciona Energía supplies 100% renewable electricity to more than 17,000 SMEs in Spain

ACCIONA Energía supplied 100% renewable electricity to more than 17,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Spain in 2023.

The company began supplying clean energy to this business segment in 2021, expanding its retail services, which had hitherto focused on large companies and electricity-intensive consumers.

In just two years, ACCIONA Energía has expanded its coverage to more than 23,000 supply points and is now one of the top ten renewable energy suppliers to SMEs in the country.

As part of the consolidation of this business line, ACCIONA Energía has launched a programme of authorized distributors for its primary sales channels. These distributors are accredited as official delegates, guaranteeing them favorable commercial conditions and equipping them with marketing and sales tools to support their activity.

SMEs constitute the largest portion of Spain’s business landscape and therefore play a key role in the decarbonization of the country’s economy. The supply of more than 1.6TWh of certified clean energy by ACCIONA Energía to small and medium-sized companies over the past year has prevented the emission of more than 215,000 tons of CO?, equivalent to removing 82,500 from the road or planting 12 million trees.

Since 2021, ACCIONA Energía has been the largest independent renewable energy retailer in Spain and the “greenest” utility in the world according to the “Top 100 Green Utilities” ranking prepared annually by Energy Intelligence. The company supplies 100% renewable electricity to large and small consumers, corporate customers and public entities around the world, backed by its more than 13GW installed capacity, contributing to its customers’ decarbonization and climate change mitigation strategy.