More than 100 women wind energy professionals join the campaign ‘We want to reach very high’

The Spanish wind energy sector joins International Women’s Day, tomorrow, March 8, with the campaign “We want to reach very high.” More than 100 wind professionals have participated in this initiative, making visible the importance of the role of professionals who work in the wind sector, leaving their mark on the entire value chain and contributing to a more sustainable and equal future.

With the hashtag #YoalsoSoyEólica, between today and tomorrow, on social networks, the wind women who have joined this initiative will share their activity in the wind sector on their social network profiles. The professionals carry out their work in key areas such as the maintenance of wind farms, research, engineering and technological innovation, quality controls, the search for resources, predictive analysis, offshore wind, environmental protection, analysis data, meteorology, as well as human resources, communication and marketing, among other areas.

The aim of this campaign is to recognize and address the need to encourage women’s participation in the energy sector because it is essential that we strive to achieve greater gender diversity in all areas related to energy. The equal participation of women in the energy sector is not only a matter of gender equality, it also strengthens the economy as a whole and promotes more equitable and sustainable development. It is a challenge for the sector as a whole.

According to IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022 report, in 2030 there will be 139 million jobs in the energy sector in the world (38.2 million will be jobs in the renewable sector and 74.2 million in other sectors related to the transition energy), which represents an opportunity to balance the workforce. The wind sector in Spain employs 40,000 professionals and the forecast for 2030 is to double this figure, which represents an opportunity to narrow the gender gap.

“Despite the efforts of the energy sector, gender gaps exist. To achieve a greater presence of women in the energy sector, it is necessary to adopt concrete measures, as well as encourage the participation of women in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Promoting the presence of professional women in the energy sector is a strategic necessity to guarantee a sustainable and equitable energy future. This campaign is an example of the thousands of women who work in the wind sector in all links of the value chain,” says Piluca Núñez, Director of Communication of the Wind Business Association.

Happy Women’s Day!

WindWomen #IamWindToo

The Spanish Wind Energy Association is the voice of the wind sector in Spain. With more than 350 associated companies, it includes promoters, manufacturers of wind turbines and components, national and regional associations, organizations linked to the sector, consultants, lawyers and financial and insurance entities, among others. Its objective is the representation of an industrial sector that employs more than 40,000 professionals in Spain, has 250 industrial centers and generates 24% of the electricity in the country.