Germany launches 5.5 GW offshore wind tender

Germany’s Federal Network Agency has launched an offshore wind tender comprising a total of 5,500 MW in three areas in the North Sea.

The three sites are located about 110 kilometers northwest of Borkum, on the edge of the border with the Dutch exclusive economic zone.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency has carried out a preliminary investigation of the areas on behalf of the Federal Network Agency.

Essential information was collected, for example on the marine environment, subsoil, wind and oceanographic conditions.

These will be made available to all interested parties as part of the call for proposals.

Awardees no longer have to carry out these investigations themselves, unlike what happens in areas that have not previously been centrally examined, according to the agency.

The award of the seabed lease will be based on a legally prescribed points system. Up to 60 points will be awarded for the bid value, which reflects the bidder’s willingness to pay.

In addition, the so-called qualitative criteria will be applied.

The proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources in the production of wind turbines, the proportion of apprentices, the use of particularly environmentally friendly foundation methods and the scope of long-term electricity supply to third parties will also be assessed.

A total of up to 35 points will be awarded for qualitative criteria and 90% of the successful bidder’s payments will be used to reduce electricity costs.

In the latest tenders for centrally pre-examined areas in 2023, in which a total of 1.8 GW were tendered, total revenues of €784 million were generated.

Offers must be submitted before August 1, 2024. Once the offers have been reviewed and the award procedure has been completed, bidders will be informed of the decision and the bidding results will be published.

Those awarded the contract will have the right to apply to the competent Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency for a planning permit for the development of an offshore wind farm on the land.

In addition, there is the right to connect the site to be built to the electrical grid for the transport of electricity generated by offshore wind turbines.

In addition to the latest auction, the Federal Network Agency already launched a tender for 2.5 GW on January 29 in areas that have not previously been centrally examined.