Cosin Solar completes heliostats on former Three Gorges Concentrated Solar Power project

The 100 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power project, Jinta ZhongGuang was originally planned by the largest renewable energy firm in the world, Three Gorges Renewables, that built the 22 GW Three Gorges Dam. Cosin Solar bought the project from them after they failed to meet a milestone, and is now constructing it.

On December 26, installation of the 25594th heliostats was successfully completed in the Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “CSP + PV” hybrid pilot project 100MW CSP project, marking the completion of the assembly and installation of all the heliostats in the project.

Despite the cold wave and blowing sandstorm, the project construction was right on fire. In about 7 months from the first heliostats was installed, by sticking to the project milestones and through carefully planning and close cooperation, the Cosin Solar team managed to complete all the heliostats assembly and installation tasks with high efficiency and high quality, laid a solid foundation for the full operation of the project.

Up to now, the civil works of the project have been mostly completed, and the installation works are in full swing. Electricity delivery access point Jinta 750 kV substation and the transmission line are under construction. Going forward, the project execution department will continue to coordinate with all parties to speed up the construction of the delivery project and strive to connect the project to the grid as soon as possible.

Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “CSP + PV” hybrid pilot project, with a total installed capacity of 700MW, is developed and constructed by Jinta ZhongGuang Solar Power Generation Co., Ltd. It is comprised of a 100MW CT CSP and 600MW PV. The 100MW CT CSP project, with an 8-hour MSES, uses solar thermal tower technology fully developed by Cosin Solar. Its designed annual production is 1580GWh and will save 480,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 1,310,000 tons of CO? emission per year after operation