Cambodia Shifts Focus To Solar And Wind Energy

Cambodia is gearing up to embrace solar and wind energy as part of its strategy to meet its growing energy needs, as stated by Minister of Mines and Energy Keo Rottanak during the Singapore International Energy Week event.

The country aims to diversify its energy sources, emphasizing solar and wind to complement hydropower and integrate with neighboring countries, such as Vietnam and Laos. Concerns about the vulnerability of hydropower due to climate change have prompted this shift in focus.

Cambodia is also planning a 1,000-megawatt hydro project and exploring regional power exchange strategies to accelerate its energy transition, emphasizing the need for sub-regional and regional interconnectivity.

Cambodia has traditionally relied on hydropower but is looking to reduce fossil fuel dependence. The nation’s energy security remains a top priority as it addresses its rapidly growing energy demand and reduces its reliance on electricity imports from neighboring countries.

The government has drafted a Power Development Plan (PDP) for 2022-2040 to enhance energy security by leveraging domestic energy resources. The plan envisions a transition to a cleaner grid with an emphasis on hydropower and a reduction in imports.
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Cambodia’s total installed capacity is expected to triple to 10GW by 2050, with hydropower continuing to play a leading role in the power sector’s capacity.