Connecticut Governor Commits to Offshore Wind Power

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has announced that the state will join Massachusetts and Rhode Island in collectively purchasing power generated by offshore wind. Lamont’s commitment to offshore wind power comes as the industry faces challenges due to rising construction and financing costs. The developer of Connecticut’s largest offshore wind proposal, Avangrid, recently announced that increasing costs have made the project too expensive to deliver power at promised rates. Despite this setback, Lamont stressed the importance of wind power in moving away from fossil fuels and emphasized the need for a reliable and affordable source of carbon-free energy.

The three-state memorandum of understanding signed by Lamont also includes the publication of Connecticut’s first “strategic roadmap” for economic development in the offshore wind industry. This roadmap will guide the state’s future efforts in this industry and will be supported by the new nonprofit organization, the Connecticut Wind Collaborative.

Connecticut’s commitment to offshore wind aligns with its long-term strategy for sustainable energy. While the state has faced criticism over cost overruns on the expansion of the New London pier, Lamont emphasized that these improvements will contribute to the region’s economy after offshore wind projects are completed.

The announcement of the multi-state solicitation for offshore wind projects is a significant development in New England’s efforts to harness wind energy. The push for multi-state coordination in procurement has been advocated for by organizations such as the New England for Offshore Wind coalition and the Business Network for Offshore Wind. By pooling resources and procuring at a larger scale, states can achieve economies of scale and drive down costs.

Connecticut’s commitment to offshore wind power demonstrates the state’s belief in the potential of this industry to provide a sustainable and reliable source of energy. The cooperation between Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will not only help advance the development of offshore wind projects but also contribute to the overall growth of the renewable energy industry in the region.

By Daniel Hall