Charting a sustainable course for offshore wind energy

The offshore wind sector is navigating uncharted waters.

On this month’s Horizons Live, our panel explored a critical juncture for offshore wind. The sector is navigating uncharted waters as it grapples with a fresh set of challenges in cost escalation and supply chain pressures. And a larger issue lies ahead – ramping up the supply chain to meet developer and government objectives.

Our report, Cross currents: charting a sustainable course for offshore wind, delved into this topic in detail. And at Horizons Live, Chris Seiple hosted a discussion and Q&A session with report co-authors Søren Lassen and Finlay Clark.

Questions from attendees included:

  • What are the implications for the development of floating offshore wind?
  • To what extent is transmission a bottleneck?
  • How does increasing turbine size contribute to both the success and the challenges that the industry is facing right now?
  • What does all this mean for hydrogen planned to be powered by offshore wind?
  • Where are the opportunities for investors?