Brazil has 189 GW of offshore wind power in the pipeline

Rio Grande do Sul leads with 33% of the capacity registered with Ibama, followed by Ceará and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil has 189 GW of offshore wind projects currently under license at Ibama. Power generation from offshore wind is a still unexplored market in the country, but companies expect it to develop rapidly once the regulatory framework is approved and the first auctions begin.

Currently, there are 78 offshore wind projects under development in eight Brazilian states, in the South, Southeast and Northeast regions.

There are more than twenty entrepreneurs, including companies that are not yet active in the Brazilian market, such as China’s Shizen and Corio Generation, from the Australian fund Macquarie.

The activity is also attracting the attention of oil companies, such as Shell, Equinor and TotalEnergies, which see opportunities for synergy with offshore oil exploration and production.

The main obstacle today to carry out the projects is the lack of regulation of the activity, according to the companies.
The 10 states with the most offshore wind projects

Rio Grande do Sul leads the ranking of states with the most offshore wind projects. There are 24 projects registered with Ibama, with a total capacity of 61,719 MW, equivalent to 33% of the total.

It is followed by Ceará, also with 23 parks, totaling 58,105 MW of power.

RS: 24 parks | 61,719 megawatts (33%)

EC: 23 parks | 58,105 megawatts (31%)

RJ: 10 parks | 29,018.5 MW (15%)

RN: 10 parks | 17,841.5 MW (9%)

IP: 4 parks | 6,924 megawatts (4%)

EN: 4 parks | 6,400 MW (3%)

SC: 1 parks | 5,700 megawatts (3%)

MA: 2 parks | 3,360 megawatts (2%)

Part of the projects under license with Ibama present some kind of overlap. The most complicated situation is in Ceará, with seven of the 22 overlapping projects, then Rio Grande do Norte, with five of the ten parks with some overlap, and Rio de Janeiro, with five overlapping projects out of the total nine in the state.