ACP Statement on House Ways & Means Consideration of Proposed Repeal of Clean Electricity PTC and ITC in Build It in America Act

The American Clean Power Association’s (ACP) CEO Jason Grumet released the following statement in advance of tomorrow’s House Ways & Means Committee’s scheduled consideration of the Build It in America Act, which includes a proposed repeal of the Clean Electricity PTC and ITC:

“It’s unfortunate that some members of Congress are still allowing partisan politics to come before historic investments in American manufacturing.

“Since the new clean energy incentives were adopted last Congress, 21,000 new American manufacturing jobs have been announced, along with nearly $200 billion in new capital investment. Despite strong opposition from some House Republicans, the vast majority of this new investment is bringing economic development to rural counties in red states all across the nation. We’re confident that the clean energy tax provisions will be sustained as lawmakers continue to see the benefits their constituents are enjoying from new jobs and affordable, domestic clean power.”