Ingeteam unveils a new rectifier solution for electrolysers

  • The INGECON H2 E-lyzer rectifier is aimed at large-scale green hydrogen production plants.
  • The fir Ingeteam has developed a new rectifier solution for powering electrolysers based on IGBT technology. This new product, commercially called INGECON H2 FSK E12000, has been especially designed for large-scale green hydrogen production plants. The first units will begin to be supplied in September for a project in Germany and another in Spain. The rectifier, that constitutes the central element of this solution, is based on IGBT technology with a harmonic distortion index of less than 3%, thanks to which it is not necessary to use additional harmonic filters or STATCOM units. It has a double liquid cooling circuit that guarantees maximum tightness (IP65) and the best possible performance of the electronic components, IGBTs and power phases. The INGECON H2 FSK E12000 solution has a nominal output current of 12,000 Adc, although it can reach up to 15,860 Adc maximum current, which is safely supplied to the electrolyser thanks to a pre-charge system that controls the input of energy to the electrolyser or electrolysers during their start-up. This power station features a modular design that allows to power between one and four electrolysers at the same time independently. It is normally supplied as a turnkey solution where, apart from the rectifiers (up to two units), the rest of the elements necessary for its medium voltage connection to the network are included. Furthermore, Ingeteam now has a new converter model with an extended voltage range for those electrolysers that reach 1500Vdc operating voltage.