Enel Green Power has started building its first solar power plant in Soria

The installation is located in Matalebreras and will generate more than 250 jobs during its construction, as well as 7 permanent jobs for operation and maintenance in its 30 years of operation.

Enel Green Power has started building its first solar project in the province of Soria, a photovoltaic plant located in the town of Matalebreras that will have an associated investment of €28 million.

The photovoltaic project is called Eugenia and will have a power of 38.24 MWp which will generate more than 72.24 GWh a year, equivalent to the consumption of the entire province of Soria for three months. it will also avoid emitting approximately 30,000 tons of CO2 a year into the atmosphere.

Enel Green Power will generate more than 250 jobs during the construction phase, and once it is operational, 7 permanent jobs for the operation and maintenance of the installation throughout its 30 years of useful life.

Given the need for specialised labour and with the aim of reinforcing the company’s commitment to economic recovery and job creation, EGPE will organise training courses on solar panel assembly and the operation and maintenance of installation, with a view to creating high-quality jobs in the area in an increasingly booming sector such as renewable energy.

All this is part of the company’s strategy for the creation of shared value (CSV), which consists of undertaking projects that are rooted in and have close proximity to the territory, identifying its needs and designing accompanying actions linked to energy efficiency, self-consumption solutions, digitalisation, broadband, the promotion of electric mobility and training. With regard to the latter it is planned to organise training for the assembly and maintenance of solar modules and which will benefit 105 people from the local area.

Sustainable Construction Site

The construction of this project is based on Enel Green Power’s “Sustainable Construction Site” model, including the installation of photovoltaic solar panels to meet some of the energy needs during construction work and measures to save water by installing tanks and rainwater collection systems. Once work is finished, both the photovoltaic panels and the water saving equipment, as well as the defibrillation equipment located in the works, will be donated to the municipality of Matalebreras for public use.

For the construction of this plant, Enel Green Power will also use a variety of innovative tools and techniques, including drones for topographical surveys, smart tracking, advanced digital platforms and software solutions to monitor and provide remote support for onsite activities. These tools and solutions will enable quicker, more accurate and reliable data collection at the construction sites, thus increasing the overall quality of construction and streamlining communication between onsite and offsite teams.

Enel Green Power has 110 wind farms in Spain with an installed capacity of 2,602 MW. By autonomous communities, EGP has one wind farm in Asturias, two in the Valencian Community and Catalonia, 4 in Castile-La Mancha, 14 in the Canary Islands, 14 also in Andalusia, 21 in Castile-León, 23 in Galicia and 29 in Aragón.