Goldwind Releases its 2021 Sustainability Report

Goldwind, a global leader in clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection technologies (stock code SZSE:002202;HKEX:02208), published its “2021 Sustainability Report”. This is the 14th social responsibility/sustainability report (ESG) released by the company since 2009. In the 2021 edition, the company systematically and comprehensively reports on its commitment to social responsibilities and sustainable development during the year, covering actions taken in terms of corporate governance, innovation in R&D, products and services, environment, employees, supply chain, community and public service. 

“With the global consensus to achieve carbon neutrality, the development of renewable energy has attracted much attention, and in the course of that development wind power plays an important role,” said Wu Gang, Chairman of Goldwind. “As a leading company in the wind power industry, Goldwind has always been committed to fulfilling the responsibility and mission assigned by the industry, integrating the concept of sustainable development into daily operation, and joining hands with all parties concerned to contribute to the achievement of the Chinese government’s “30·60” dual carbon targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Goldwind’s key ESG achievements in 2021

l  Maintaining AA rating in the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for two consecutive years;

l  Maintaining a top ESG rating of 2.90 in the FTSE4Good Index;

l  Receiving an A+ rating from the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency for Sustainable Development 2021;

l  Ranking No. 2 on the “Top 500 ESG Companies in China” list;

l  Awarded the “Green Award for Sustainability” by Caijing Magazine’s Evergreen Awards 2021;

l  Making the “Golden Bee Excellent CSR Report List 2021”.

Protecting the ecological environment

Wind power has become one of the main forces in achieving the global carbon neutrality goal due to its significantly low carbon emissions. Goldwind is aware of the responsibility and commits to it. To achieve the goal, the company, on the one hand, has developed and manufactured highly reliable and efficient wind turbines and promoted them globally. On the other, Goldwind has provided smart energy solutions to many large conferences, scientific research centers, industrial parks and ports, represented by the establishment of its demonstration site, Goldwind Beijing Yizhuang Carbon Neutral Park. These actions all serve to create a new path to “zero carbon” development. 

The company has integrated green concepts into all aspects of its production and operation. Within its factories, the company has built and installed micro photovoltaic grid and water storage-based air conditioners to increase the usage of green power. Goldwind has also been actively engaged in green factory certification. As a result, 6 of its factories have passed green factory certification (of which 2 are rated by the Chinese government as “state-level” factories and 4 are rated as “provincial-level”). The company’s re-manufacturing technology development center and service center have systematized the process of recycling parts throughout the year to maximize the utilization of resources.

To enhance the environmental friendliness of the entire supply chain, the company started a green supply chain project in 2016 to achieve the green transformation of its entire supply chain. In 2021, the company, along with 257 suppliers, jointly signed a carbon reduction initiative to work together to reduce carbon emissions in the wind power production cycle.

As of the end of 2021, Goldwind’s global cumulative installed capacity exceeded 86 GW, with an annual power generation capacity of 193.2 billion kWh, reducing CO2 emissions by 161 million tons per year compared with energy generated from fossil fuels. The company has set a target of reducing energy consumption intensity in 2021 and has promised to improve the utilization efficiency of its energy resources every year during China’s 14th Five-Year Development Plan period (2021-2025), aiming to achieve a 20% improvement in energy utilization efficiency in 2025 when compared to that of 2020.

Creating a better community together

Goldwind balances the work and life of its employees with sports and cultural activities, to improve their quality of life and enhance their sense of well-being. The company ensures equality in the workplace, encourages employees to realize their self-worth based on their personal interests and expertise, and continues to optimize its occupational health and safety management system.

In 2021, Goldwind invested 9.78 million yuan in pandemic prevention and control, flood relief, teacher training, rural infrastructure construction, community development, assistance to the elderly, assistance to students, environmental protection and other initiatives. Goldwind’s undertook public service initiatives in 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across China, from which more than 100 villages have directly benefited. 

Stable and standardized operations committed to sustainable development

In 2021, Goldwind achieved operating revenue of 50.57 billion yuan and net profit attributable to the parent of 3.46 billion yuan. The company’s installed capacity increased by 11.38 GW in China and 12.04 GW globally. The company has maintained the largest market share among all players in China for 11 consecutive years and ranked among the top three globally for seven consecutive years.

As a company listed in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges, Goldwind has always maintained stable and standardized operations, constantly improved its corporate governance as well as internal controls and management, and continued to create value for its shareholders and society. The company effectively fulfills its obligations as a listed company and constantly improves its compliance management system. 

Goldwind has set up an independent audit and supervision department, which has not found any significant litigation events related to corruption throughout the year. Goldwind has continued to improve its internal control and risk management, providing strong support for its sustainable development. The company attaches importance to the protection of its investors’ rights and interests, improving the effectiveness of communication with investors and protecting their legitimate rights and interests. Goldwind has always been open and transparent with investors in sharing all news concerning company developments.