ACP Responds to New Department of Commerce Solar Circumvention Memorandum

In response to a memo released from the Department of Commerce today, American Clean Power Association CEO Heather Zichal stated:

“While attempting to address the industry’s concerns, today’s memo from the Commerce Department on the Auxin Circumvention case perpetuates the market confusion that is currently stifling the US solar industry. Commerce appears to indicate that:

  1.  Solar wafer manufacture outside of China is not meant to be within the scope of this circumvention case. This should not have been a question because the precedent on the substantial nature of cell manufacturing is clear and has been for over a decade.
  2.  At the same time, Commerce is foreshadowing a tariff structure that is ambiguous and unstable at best, and will very likely extend the project-killing effect that Commerce has already caused.

What Commerce has actually initiated is a major setback for US solar deployment and US solar jobs. It is time for Commerce to end this case and restore certainty to an industry vital to America’s domestic energy future.”

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