RWE to deploy SMA technology in the construction of one of Germany’s largest and most innovative battery storage facilities

In Germany in Lingen (Lower Saxony) and Werne (North Rhine-Westphalia) RWE is building a battery storage system with a total output of 117 megawatts. The system is scheduled to start operations at the end of 2022. The storage project will provide a range of important system services needed for maintaining grid stability to support fluctuations in the availability of renewable energy. The system technology used for integrating and optimally controlling the charging and discharging of the 420 lithium-ion battery racks of the battery storage system is being supplied by SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA). A total of 47 battery inverters (Sunny Central Storage UP 3450) will be installed.

Once completed, the project will be not only one of the largest storage power plants in Germany but also one of the most innovative, because the battery storage systems will be virtually coupled with RWE’s run-of-river power plants along the river Mosel. By raising or decreasing the flow-through at these power stations, RWE can make additional capacity available, also as balancing energy. This coupling process raises the total capacity of the batteries by another good 15 percent.

“Battery storage systems are vital to the success of the energy transition”, said Andrea Hu-Bianco, CEO of RWE Battery Solutions GmbH. “They help smooth fluctuations in the utility grid, which are becoming increasingly common with the rise of renewable energies. Our project is setting new standards and demonstrating how we can deliver even greater flexibility to the market thanks to the intelligent connection of battery power with run-of-river power plants. With SMA, we enjoy the support of a highly experienced manufacturer with whom we have been collaborating for many years. Combining this with our market expertise, system knowledge, technical competence and experience in plant operation, we will construct and reliably operate one of Germany’s largest and most innovative battery storage systems.”

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute our technology and expertise to this groundbreaking project”, said Sebastian Seidl, Head of Project Sales at SMA. “SMA solutions are deployed all over the world – Americas, Europe, Australia – in numerous large-scale and technologically highly sophisticated storage projects. Our customers always benefit from our decades of experience and outstanding system know-how, even when we are faced with entirely new requirements and challenges.”

With an output of up to 3,960 kVA and system voltages of up to 1,500 V DC, the SMA Sunny Central Storage UP allows for more efficient and flexible system design in storage power plants. Thanks to its broad DC voltage range, it is compatible with most battery technologies.