Golmud 3.82GW PV+Concentrated Solar Power+ESS Multi-energy Complementary Project Commenced

The Golmud Wutumeiren Multi-energy Complementary Project, which is developed and will be  implemented and constructed by China Green Development Group Qinghai New Energy Company (CGDG Qinghai New Energy), was commenced today.

The project is located in Wutumeiren PV&CSP Park, Golmud City, Qinghai Province, with total investment of 19.575 billion CNY (3 billion USD). The planned total installed capacity is 3.3GW, including 3GW PV, 300MW CSP (600 MW electric heating molten salt thermal storage system), 520MW ESS and 10Mvar Synchronous Condenser, and three 330kV convergent substations. The overall project is planned to be completed by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period (2020-2025).

This multi-energy complementary project aims at supporting stable operation of the power grid, optimizing power output characteristics, and strengthening system regulation capabilities in accordance with the problems faced by the development of new energy in the Haixi region of Qinghai Province. It plays an important role in building a new multi-energy complementary and grid-friendly power system.