American Clean Power Association statement on DOE Solar Futures Study

American Clean Power Association CEO Heather Zichal issued the following statement after the Department of Energy released the Solar Futures Study, which shows the significant role that solar energy will play in decarbonizing the nation’s power grid.

“Moving quickly on climate change in the U.S. will require meeting the Biden administration’s goal reaching of 100 percent carbon-free power by 2035 and this DOE report shows how solar power can be a significant part of meeting that target. Solar power is an abundant and vital clean energy source that not only helps reduce emissions, but it also creates American jobs, drives innovation and strengthens our economy.  Strong demand and technological improvements have made solar and wind power the most affordable sources of new electricity in the U.S. Rapid growth has occurred as technology has improved dramatically over the past decade driving solar costs down 90 percent since 2009.  We urge Congress to pass comprehensive infrastructure bills with stable policies and incentives to help make these goals a reality for a reliable and secure clean energy future.”