Wind energy in Argentina, Chubut Norte III Wind farm

The Chubut Norte III Wind Farm, in the hands of the companies Genneia and Pan American Energy, has already begun to pour energy into the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI), after an investment of 81 million dollars and after obtaining the commercial authorization granted by CAMMESA .

Chubut Norte III operates on the same site where the Chubut Norte IV Wind Farm operates; also developed by both companies and in operation since February 4, 2021. It has an installed power of 57.66 megawatts; The result of 13 wind turbines with Nordex technology, which, with a capacity of 4.4 MW each, are among the highest power and height in the country.

“We are very pleased to put a new wind project into operation in Argentina, one of the last of this audacious expansion plan that we started in Genneia five years ago and which allowed us to lead a process of change in the national energy matrix,” said Jorge Brito, president of Genneia, and added that “today we inject clean and efficient energy into the interconnected system with 14 renewable projects, which also promoted the participation of local companies and workers from different regions of the country in their construction. In the same way, we are very happy to have found in PAE a partner who believes and works together with us for the growth of renewable and increasingly efficient energy sources ”.

Likewise, Rodolfo Freyre, vice president of Gas, Energy and Business Development at Pan American Energy stated that “this second wind farm that we inaugurated together with Genneia is a new example of our commitment to renewable energies. The path that we started five years ago has a new milestone today with the launch of this work ”.

In this way, Chubut Norte III and IV, awarded in Round 2 of the RenovAr Program, with its 32 wind turbines, already generate energy with a total installed power of 140 MW and the capacity to produce 669,100 MWh of renewable energy per year for SADI.

In a statement, the companies indicated that the start-up of these parks reaffirms the productive presence of both companies in the province of Chubut.