Colombia seeks to generate development in La Guajira with wind energy projects

The Vice President of the Republic, Martha Lucía Ramírez, announced that the department of La Guajira will be the main stage of the Colombian energy matrix, with a 12% participation.

According to Ramírez, what is sought in the department is an investment of more than 10 billion pesos and the goal is to generate 12 thousand new jobs.

The installation of unconventional renewable energy sources and their transmission lines is one of the bets of the National Government. Of the 19 projects to be carried out in the country, 9 will be located in La Guajira.

The senior official also specified that this project will reach the municipalities of Maicao, Uribia and Riohacha, and also reiterated the commitment to combat poverty and the high levels of informality suffered by the department.

“The initiative will allow 81,960 inhabitants to have electricity coverage and more than 500,000 Colombians to have access to this electricity source in the rest of the country, reducing emissions of
carbon dioxide (CO2) ”, he indicated.

The vice president also took the opportunity to congratulate the departmental and indigenous authorities for the intercultural ‘Yanama’ pact, for sustainable human development and for good living in La Guajira, led by Pnud and the government of that department.

Similarly, he added that in the face of the current situation facing the country due to the covid-19 pandemic, “we have no other option than to continue taking care of our health, but also to recover the health of the economy as soon as possible. So we have I have been working in the Vice Presidency on a plan to achieve that in the short term we can recover that growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product”.