Mainstream achieves 30% progress in wind energy project in Chile

Mainstream reported that it reached 30% progress in the first phase of the Andes Renovables project, which consists of the construction of four renewable energy parks in three regions of the country and that will generate a total of 571 MW of clean energy, equivalent to the consumption of 680 thousand homes.

Specifically, the portfolio is made up of the Tchamma and Cerro Tigre wind farms in the Antofagasta Region, Alena in the Biobío Region and the Río Escondido solar park in the Atacama Region. In total, the investment reaches US $ 830 million and the parks will start operating in 2021.

“Our company decided to invest in the country due to its great potential for the development of renewable energy and with the conviction of lowering the prices of electricity generation in Chile. It is possible to be more sustainable and, at the same time, improve access to energy (…) We will also contribute to the creation of 1,200 jobs when they are most needed and with an average price of electricity generation 40% lower than that established in the prior bid, ”said Manuel Tagle, general manager of Mainstream Renewable Power for Chile and Latin America.
Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Jobet, Minister of Energy, stated that “renewable energy contributes to Chile’s decarbonisation plan and consequently to achieving the goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050, at the same time that given the competitiveness they have achieved, they allow access to energy at a lower price ”.

In addition, the company is working to achieve the financial closure of the other two Andes Renovables portfolios, Huemul and Copihue, in the coming months, which include four wind power and two solar energy parks.