EU Recovery Strategy to boost renewable energies and green technologies

Today the European Commission tabled its long-awaited “Recovery Strategy”. It’s two elements, a new EU Budget for 2021-27 and a new Recovery Fund, amount to €1.85tn of total investment.

The Strategy clearly enshrines the green transition as the main driver of economic recovery and as key to Europe’s future growth and prosperity. Within that the Strategy singles out wind energy as one of the ‘policy fundamentals of the recovery’.

“Excellent proposals from the EU Commission on the “Recovery Strategy”. The big bazooka the EU economy requires. And the right sort of investments. It’s clearly going to be a green recovery. And a boost for the energy transition. The Strategy singles out wind energy as “one of the policy fundamentals of the recovery”. The EU wants wind to be half of Europe’s electricity by 2050. That means huge investments, jobs and growth. Wind is ready to deliver. We look forward to the detailed proposals that’ll help make these investments happen”, says WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson in a first reaction to the Recovery Strategy.