EDF Renewables launches an innovative storage solution for businesses in Germany

EDF Renewables is offering an innovative storage solution for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients in Germany. It smooths electricity consumption on site, contributing to both reduce energy bills for customers and the load on the grid. This new offer is based on a smart management system of the customer’s electricity demand and the storage capacity of the facility. It contributes to the EDF’s Electricity Storage Plan, which aims at making the company the leader in Europe with 10 GW of additional storage by 2035.

EDF Renewables has just launched a battery storage systems in two Malteurop malt factories in Germany: one in Rostock and the other in Heidenau. These new systems consist of lithium-ion batteries, connected to a smart, autonomous power management system.

The solution designed by EDF Renewables can provide each factory with 200 kW of autonomous power for at least one hour when the power grid is under heavy load. By smoothing demand at its sites of high electricity use, Malteurop reduces its grid access costs, which in Germany are based on the maximum power required, whilst also
contributing to greater stability in the national power grid.

The solutions offered by EDF Renewables to German C&I clients include; firstly analysis, consultancy, project scaling, installation and grid connection; secondly operations and maintenance of equipment; and finally optimisation through battery management.

EDF Renewables is supporting Germany’s energy transition through the development, management and maintenance of wind power assets. The company owns and operates 200 MW and operates a further 600 MW for third parties, including 400 MW of offshore wind power in the North Sea.
The development of decentralised electricity storage on C&I sites brings an innovative solution to strengthen the power grid reliability in a context of renewable energy strong growth in the country.

In international markets, EDF Renewables and the dedicated teams within the Group, benefit from particular expertise in large-scale battery storage and microgrids, with facilities in the United States, UK and France.

Frédéric Belloy, International Executive Vice President of EDF Renewables, commented: “With this battery storage solution, EDF Renewables is providing an innovative service to improve energy control system management on Commercial and Industrial sites in Germany. This solution is well-suited to our clients’ needs to optimise their energy efficiency and reduce associated costs. Working with local organisations, municipal authorities, gridoperators and innovative enterprises, we are delighted to be playing a part in the success of the energy transition in Germany.”

Stéphane Tadyszak, Operations Director at Malteurop, added: “For many years now Malteurop has worked on improving the operational performance of its factories and on reducing their environmental impact. This project, managed in partnership with the EDF Group, is important as it increases the integration of renewable energy and contributes to successful energy transition in Europe.”

EDF Renewables is a leading international player in renewable energies, with gross installed capacity of 12.6 GW worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic power. EDF Renewables operates mostly in Europe and North America but is continuing to grow by moving into promising emerging regions such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Gulf. The company has strong positions in offshore wind power, but also in other areas of the renewable energies industry such as energy storage. EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energies projects, both for itself and for third parties. Most of its international subsidiaries bear the EDF Renewables brand. EDF Renewables is the EDF Group subsidiary specialising in developing solar and wind power.