Goldwind Argentina’s First Wind energy Project Connects to the Grid

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd (Goldwind) is pleased to announce that its first wholly owned wind power project based in South America has recently reached commercial operation. The conclusion of this Argentina-domiciled wind farm, Loma Blanca II, signified a firm expansion of Goldwind’s global business territory. It also showcased Goldwind’s diversified yet well-integrated business model.

As a maneuver aligned with China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, Goldwind acquired Loma Blanca and Miramar wind turbines projects in Argentina, which has a total capacity of 347.65 MW. Loma Blanca project, located in Chubut province, is known to be among the largest wind farm clusters within the country. It consists of four separate wind farms that total 250MW, namely Loma Blanca I, II, III & VI. Miramar project, sited in the vicinity of Buenos Aires, has a capacity of 97.65 MW.

To best accommodate the local environmental profile and maximize energy yield, 109 units of GW 3S smart wind turbines were selected for this portfolio. Once fully operational, the maximum annual capacity factor is expected to be as high as 60%.

In 2018, partnered with EPC contractor Power China, Goldwind officially commenced construction work. Despite all the challenges and difficulties confronted, Goldwind team managed to maintain all-time high-level performance and guaranteed high-quality deliverables. The team is therefore well-recognized by both local and international peer partners.  

Besides its role as a business leader, Goldwind is also a responsible social citizen. Goldwind team established a tight connection with local communities through transparent communication. Goldwind has worked closely with local public service departments, for instance, fire brigades, police stations, and educational institutions, through donating containers adaptable to emergency clinics, as well as wooden cases for school carpenter and conservatory activities. These endeavors, spoken highly of by local and governments and communities, exhibited Goldwind’s commitment to corporate social responsibility as a globally-positioned renewable energy solution provider.

“Commitment is Gold”. As Loma Blanca II wind farm commenced commercial operation, Goldwind managed to deliver what was committed to the country and the community. With clean energy injecting into the grid, local communities will benefit in terms of electricity supply shortage alleviation and additional job opportunities. This event reflects Goldwind’s creation of both economic and social value, and marks a milestone along the company’s “innovating for a brighter tomorrow” exploration.