The Canary Islands hosted half of the new wind energy installed in 2018 in Spain

Although the Climate Summit (COP25) has come to an end, the commitment of companies and society as a whole must continue to advance. According to the latest study of public opinion on wind energy carried out by the Wind Business Association (AEE), 80% of Spaniards claim a greater investment in energy sources such as wind, since they consider that it lowers the price of electricity ( 65.9%) and generate more employment than conventional technologies (46.7%). Within this framework, TÜV SÜD, the leading international company in high quality solutions, safety and sustainability, has analyzed how the number of wind power parks evolves within the national territory, as well as its current performance and useful life period.

According to David Torres, Wind Energy Manager of TÜV SÜD Spain and Portugal, “of the 392MW placed in 2018, at least 190MW were installed in the Canary Islands. In 2019, the trend continues to rise and many parks are being built, which is good news. ” Although the current average yield of the parks is increasingly high and its life span continues to lengthen, “these improvements will depend on the turbine technology, type of location, size of the park and other factors. In general, maintenance contracts and policies to optimize their performance usually guarantee a minimum technical availability of 98% and a useful life of the wind turbine between 20 and 30 years, ”explains Torres.

The PREPA survey, conducted with the objective of knowing the support and degree of knowledge of the Spaniards of the wind sector, has shown that 80% of Spaniards are aware that Spain buys energy from other countries to meet their needs, although they generally consider that if they were invested in new energy sources, the necessary resources could be obtained regardless of. However, only one third of respondents know that Spain is a leader in wind energy production and about 50% are unaware that Spain exports to other countries. There is no doubt that wind energy is the best known technology for respondents, since 9 out of 10 know its main characteristics.

Business initiatives committed to the environment
As part of its commitment to the environment and the sustainability of the planet, TÜV SÜD has actively collaborated in the #WINDforPlanet campaign, PREPA initiative through which 6,000 cloth bags with dissemination material on the wind sector have been distributed among the COP25 assistants. To guide companies towards a more responsible, clean and attentive energy consumption, the company offers the possibility of performing energy audits that guarantee savings of up to 45%.

In addition, to contribute with one of the sustainable alternatives most recommended by scientists to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and boost the energy transition, such as wind energy, TÜV SÜD, facilitates the training of professionals in the sector Through the expert course in Wind Energy, a training program for wind farm personnel aimed at perfecting the operation and maintenance tasks within the criteria of quality and safety.

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