Wind power in La Guajira: huge untapped wind energy potential

During the 12th Annual Meeting of the Colombian Electricity Sector, the department of La Guajira is one of the central points when discussing the future of energy in Colombia.

In that sense, Felipe de Gamboa, of the multinational Vestas, creator of wind turbines, said that the future of energy in the country is in La Guajira.

“Solar energy and wind energy are increasingly competitive and this is thanks, in the case of the latter, to the fact that wind turbines are higher. In the case of La Guajira, this department has winds with 8 or 10 meters per second, world-class winds, ”said Gamboa, who added that in the north of the Caribbean there are more than 50 projects to produce wind energy.
The importance and potential of La Guajira is such that the businessman made the comparison of wind energy with the finding of Cusiana, an oil field discovered in 1991 in Casanare.

«La Guajira is Colombia’s energy future with those 50 projects in which there is a possibility to generate up to 7 GW. Most of these wind power projects are located from Maicao upwards, ”added the businessman during his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Colombian Electricity Sector.

As planned, the first large wind farms in La Guajira will be built from 2021, so from the Seine, technical courses on this type of energy are already being offered. In that field, the EPM was the first to bet on wind farms in 2012.