Wind power in Galicia: Greenalia finances five wind farms

Greenalia has obtained a loan of 84 million euros to finance the construction of five wind farms in Galicia with a total installed wind energy capacity of 74.22 megawatts (MW).

The wind farms, included in the Eolo wind power project, will be operational in 2020 and four will be erected in A Coruña and one in Lugo.

The operation has been executed through the project finance modality (debt without recourse) where Banco Sabadell acts as agent and coordinator, detailed the energy company.

In addition, the company recalled that in 2017 it became the first European SME to issue a green bond and will begin, in the coming weeks, the process to obtain the “Green” rating for this financing with the Standard & Poors rating agency.

Within the Eolo project, the Miñón wind farm, in the province of A Coruña, and Ourol, in Lugo, are framed with an investment of 28 and 26 million euros, respectively, and which are currently under construction .

The rest of the wind farms included in the project are the Alto de Croa I, with a capacity of 7 MW; that of Alto de Croa II (10.4 MW), Monte Tourado (10.4 MW), Campelo (40.5 MW), Bustelo (45 MW) and Monte Toural (18 MW).

The company has set itself the objective of exceeding 200 MW of wind power installed at the end of 2020, which would, together with 50 MW of the production of electric energy from the Curtis-Teixeiro biomass plant, achieve installed wind power over 250 MW at the end of next year.