YPF Luz will add 400 MW of wind power in 2020 in Argentina

The electricity generation company YPF Luz will add around 400 MW of wind energy in 2020, which will mainly be used to provide large private users in long-term contracts, and confirmed that it analyzes adding solar park projects to its renewable energy portfolio.
The company said that the 400 MW that will be available in the market in 2020 correspond to Manantiales Behr wind farms in Chubut, with 99Mw; Los Teros wind farm, in Buenos Aires with 174Mw and Cañadón León, in Santa Cruz with 122 Mw.

After the implementation of the Manantiales Behr wind turbines project, the company currently has the construction of the park located in the Buenos Aires town of Azul in progress, and although its commissioning is scheduled for February, it has already signed the first contracts for the provision of Energy.
In this regard, this week, the energy company signed an agreement for 10 years with the company Holcim, one of the largest local producers of cement, processed concrete, stone aggregates and construction services, for the provision of electricity from renewable sources .

In this way, YPF Luz will supply wind power for the operations of the five Holcim cement plants in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Jujuy.

The contracted energy is an annual average of 142 GWh for which it will use 30 Mw of installed power in the park.

The beginning of the supply is planned for the beginning of 2020, reaching 35% of coverage of the total energy demand of the cement plant at the end of the first half of next year.

The agreement will allow Holcim to replace the non-renewable energy currently consumed in its operations by wind energy, and will contribute to achieving the 40% reduction target of C02 generation by 2030.

The cement company will produce 1.2 million tons of cement per year with renewable energy, the equivalent of building 105,000 homes or 3,000 kilometers of two-lane road, which will allow the company to reduce 63,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Los Teros’ energy will also supply part of the demand of the Toyota automaker, Cladd textile, Nestlé food, Coca Cola FEMSA distributor, and Profertil nutrient producer.

YPF Luz sources highlighted that these contracts allowed it to reach contracts for up to 21 years of energy provision, considered so far the most extensive term in the Renewable Energy Thermal Market (MATER).