Wind energy in Chile: wind farm for Angol will have 8 wind turbines

The first wind farm in Angol was approved by the Environmental Assessment Committee. It will have 8 wind turbines that will distribute the wind power to the Central Interconnected System.

It is a wind power project that is included in the Plan Impulso Araucanía and which considers a 33.6 megawatts wind energy plant, which will be specifically located in the Cancura sector, on the way to Collipulli.
The private investment for the first wind farm of this type in Angol reaches 48 thousand 500 million pesos and now it is expected to continue the sectoral procedures, to start the construction phase in the first quarter of 2020.

The director of the Environmental Assessment Service, Andrea Flies, explained that after analyzing the project, it was considered that it complied with the regulations, for which it was approved.