Neoenergía (Iberdrola) wins contract for two new wind power plants in Brazil

Neoenergía, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, was awarded contracts to sell 30% of the wind energy it will produce in two new wind turbines farms in northeastern Brazil.

The contracts were awarded to Fuerza Eólica del Brasil S.A. (FEB) – a company controlled by Neoenergía – that sold 30% of the energy of the wind farms, Oitis 1 and Oitis 8, which will be located in the state of Piauí (northeast).

The energy of the two wind farms, with 74 megawatts of installed power, was sold at a rate of 80 reais per megawatt (about 21 dollars), and the start date of operations is scheduled for January 2023.

However, Neoenergía says that the new wind farms, whose investment amounts to 294 million reais (about 77 million dollars), will be ready about six months before the scheduled date.

After the sale of 30% of the energy of these two plants, Neoenergía said that the remaining 70% will be sold in the market.

The Neoenergía group has 17 wind farms that produce 516 megawatts (MW) and is building another 15 with capacity to produce 545 MW.

With the conclusion of the implementation of all the projects, the portfolio of assets in wind energy operation will total 1.1 GW in 2022.

Neoenergía, a Brazilian company of which Iberdrola controls 52.45%, will go public on July 1 with a market value of 4,368 million euros (more than 19,100 million reais), according to the starting price set for the shares of this energetic

After the public offering of shares, the final price of Neoenergia’s securities has been set at 15.65 reais (3,576 euros), Iberdrola reported Friday.

After going public, Iberdrola will maintain control of 52.45% of Neoenergía’s capital.

The company is the result of the union, in June 2017, of Neoenergía and Elektro, both of which are owned by Iberdrola, and whose merger resulted in the largest electricity company in Latin America by number of clients, approximately 13.6 million.

In 2018, it obtained a net profit of 1,594 million reais (close to 417 million dollars), 253% more than a year before, thanks to the tariff revision in Brazil, as well as the incorporation in 2017 of the energy company Elektro .

Through Neoenergía, Iberdrola has become one of the two largest electricity companies in Brazil by number of customers, with 13.8 million supply points.

Spain’s Iberdrola announced on May 23 that in the next five years it will invest around 7,269 million dollars in new projects in Brazil with the aim of improving the energy supply of the South American giant.

The Spanish company, which started its activities in the South American giant 22 years ago, is present in 18 states and has a production capacity in Brazil of more than 3,700 MW, of which almost 86% are renewable.