Wind energy in Poland: Vestas wind turbines for a wind farm

Vestas has received a 132 MW wind power order from Windfarm Polska III sp. z o.o., owned by Stadtwerke München (SWM), for the Jasna wind power project Pomorskie Voivodship, in northern Poland. Underlining the strong competitiveness of wind energy, the project was awarded at the Polish wind-solar energy auction held in November last year, which was won exclusively by wind projects with record-low prices. The order is Vestas’ largest order ever in Poland and takes its order intake from the country’s latest auction round to 220 MW.

To maximise power production and cater for specific local site constraints, Vestas has developed a site-specific solution utilising our product portfolio’s flexibility by optimised rating and deploying different hub heights. Specifically, the site will feature V126-3.45 MW wind turbines with both 3.45 MW and load optimised 3.3 MW rating, as well as 117m and 137m hub heights.

“With the realisation of the Jasna wind farm, our renewable energies expansion campaign will take a further step forward. It will be our first major renewable project in Poland. By 2025, SWM aims to generate enough green power in its own installations to supply all of Munich, making Munich the first city with over a million inhabitants worldwide to reach this target. Wind power will play a significant role in achieving our goals”, says Dr Florian Bieberbach, CEO of SWM.

“Together with our strong and wind-driven partners we make use of the big potential of wind power in Northern Poland. In this way, we are increasing the production of green electricity in Europe, thereby strengthening climate protection throughout Europe. Jasna is not only a push for Munich’s energy goals, but also one of many necessary actions for a successful energy transition” adds Helge-Uve Braun, CTO of SWM.

“This order, from our valued partner SWM, once again underlines Vestas’ ability to win in auctions and deliver clean and low-cost wind energy. We are determined to contribute to the overall growth of renewable energy production in Poland, ensuring the lowest cost of energy to the Polish energy consumers, and we look forward to maximise our customer’s return on investment by offering a competitive cost of energy”, states Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern and Central Europe.

The Jasna wind project will feature a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution, lowering wind turbine downtime and thus optimising the energy output. The contract further includes supply, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines, as well as a 20-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement. Turbine deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2020, while commissioning is planned for the third quarter of 2020.