Brazil is ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind energy capacity

During 2015, it installed 2.75 GW – a record for Brazil – bringing the total to 8.72 GW, which accounts for 6.3% of the Brazilian energy matrix. More than R$ 16 billion have been invested, 41,000 jobs created, more than 5 million homes were supplied with electricity from wind power, and 5 million tons of CO2 emissions were avoided.

Wind power was the fastest growing energy source in 2015, installing 46% more than in 2014. Last year, in the Brazilian energy matrix, wind represented 39.3% of its growth, followed by hydropower (35.1%) and thermal energy (25.6%).

Projections for 2016 are to contract between 2-3 GW of wind power in the regulated energy auctions, and the installation of about 3 GW in wind farms (totalling over R$ 20 billion in investment).

For Brazil to remain in the spotlight on the global wind scene, focus is needed in the areas of R&D and Operations and Maintenance, and the involvement of the sector in sustainability initiatives related to climate change.

We’ve now opened the Call for Papers for this 7th edition of the Brazil Windpower conference. If you’d like to submit a paper to be presented during the conference, please do so by 31 May.

Brazil Windpower is organised annually by Global Wind Energy Council, ABEEolica and Grupo Canal Energia.  The conference and exhibition will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 30 Aug – 1 September 2016.