China leads the global direct drive wind turbine market

The global direct drive (gearless) wind turbines market is expected to witness sustained growth in the next decade as plant managers focus on enhancing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

The adoption of gearless wind turbines will be strongest in Asia Pacific, fueled by increasing installations in China. Globally, China is expected to remain the most lucrative market for direct drive wind turbines.

Direct drive wind turbines are being preferred over geared turbines owing to thier advantages, such as lesser downtime, noise-reduction, and longer equipment life. On the other hand, high initial cost and lack of skilled labor are challenges to their widespread adoption.

Direct drive wind turbines can be classified on the basis of mode of operation and capacity.

On the basis of mode of operation, these turbines are categorized into permanent magnet synchronous generator and electrically excited synchronous generator. Among these, demand for permanent synchronous generators is higher, owing to high energy output achieved through them.

On the basis of capacity, the direct drive wind turbine market is segmented into small-sized (less than 1MW), mid-sized (1MW to 3MW), and large-sized (over 3MW).

Region-wise, Asia Pacific and North America are the largest markets, both in terms of installation base and revenues. In Europe, Germany and Spain are expected to witness a spate of installations in the near future. China, India, US, Germany, and Spain collectively account for nearly 50% revenues of the global direct drive wind turbine market.

The key players in the direct drive wind turbine market are Enercon, Siemens Wind Power A/S,Godecke Energy, Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd, Avantis Energy Group, Emergya Wind Technologies B.V, GE Energy, Leitwind AG, and M. Torres Olvega Industrial, S.A.

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