Megawatt Madness: Choose your favorite clean energy site

Iberdrola Renewables just kicked off its second annual Megawatt Madness campaign, giving wind power supporters across the country a chance to choose their favorite renewable power site.

Based on a website-based bracket, Megawatt Madness participants vote based on images, descriptions and facts about Iberdrola renewable energy installations in all corners of the U.S. Make sure to share the reasons behind your choice on social media, using the hashtag #IR64.

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Round winners are determined by vote totals and social media shares, and bracket match-ups will occur for the next month. The Megawatt Madness champion will be crowned after April 10.

Why do you like a particular renewable project? Did it bring jobs and revenues to your community? Are you excited about the cleaner air your project is creating for future generations? Did a factory in your town build the wind turbines used at a nearby wind farm?

Now’s your chance to let the world know!

Visit today and cast your vote.