GE to Provide 1GW Wind Converters and Become Key Technology Partner to Sewind

GE ‘s LV3 wind converters to become one of the key components of Sewind’s offshore wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 1GW.

Spinning like performers of the Prince Qin’s Cavalry dance, standing high off the shores of Jiangsu and Fujian provinces in China stand the avant garde of China’s renewable energy future: wind farms that will enable the country to reach an installed wind power capacity of 200GW by the end of 2020*. Outpacing the Chinese government’s own projections, the rapid growth speaks of the immense potential of the wind sector in China.

GE Power Conversion, in partnership with Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Sewind), one of the biggest offshore suppliers in China, is stepping up its presence in the renewables sector in the region. Based on a recently signed deal, GE Power Conversion will be equipping Sewind’s offshore wind turbines with its latest 4MW Fully Fed LV3 wind converters. Totalling 1GW, the deal is set to be one of the biggest offshore wind projects in China.

As wind turbines grow in size, a single wind turbine can capture more power and drive down the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Similarly, converters are evolving in order to match this power increase. However, more power does not call for bigger converters, especially in the offshore space where smaller footprint is a valuable attribute of equipment.

GE’s LV3 converter is ideal for offshore wind farms. At the heart of GE’s LV3 converters lie the standardized LV3 power stacks, which enjoy higher power density. Given the same converter footprint, it delivers 25% more power output. With its high power density and small footprint, GE’s LV3 converter has been much appreciated by Sewind. The converters will also be manufactured in its Shanghai facility, which further reinforces GE’s commitment to this region.

“We are impressed by the long and successful track record that GE maintains in the renewable sector. Their strong local presence, proven technology, and an in-depth industrial know-how of the renewable market and their large installed base of converters for offshore wind make them one of the most reliable partners to work with. We are confident that our trust is well-placed in GE and hope to have a fruitful partnership with them,” said Mr. Xiaolong Jin, President, Sewind.


Commenting on the deal, Sofia Sauvageot, Global Sales Leader for Wind Applications, GE Power Conversion said, “In a fast growing wind market like China, GE is proud to provide one of the biggest Chinese offshore operators with reliable solutions which will be made in China for China. We believe that this is a beginning of a long and successful relation between Sewind and GE. Going forward, we wish to demonstrate our strong commitment towards the Chinese manufacturing capabilities as well as the Chinese renewable industry.”

In addition to providing the technology, GE will also be undertaking service and maintenance responsibilities to ensure flawless operation of its scope of supply.