3,500 MW wind energy to be added in Pakistan

The Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) has embarked upon an ambitious plan to enhance the energy mix up to 20-25 per cent by adding 3000-3500 megawatt wind-based electricity to the national grid system by 2018.

“Out of this, as many as 1,396 megawatt wind-based electricity will include in the system by 2017 as the AEDB would complete several projects initiated for alternate power generation,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Amjad A Awan, told APP.

Awan said currently the wind projects having 255.4 megawatt power generation capacity were operational across the country including FFC Energy (49.5 MW) Jhampir, ZorluEnerji Pakistan (56.4 MW) Jhampir, Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (49.5 MW) Jhampir, Foundation Wind Energy – II (50 MW) Gharo and Foundation Wind Energy I (50 MW) Gharo.

He said 28 ongoing wind projects of 1396.4 MW capacity would be completed by 2017, which would play a major role in overcoming the energy crisis.

He said out of these, nine projects (477 MW) have achieved financial close were under construction. These projects include Sapphire Wind Power Company (50 MW), Yunus Energy (50 MW), Metro Power Company (50 MW) Jhampir, Tapal Wind Energy (30 MW) Jhampir, Gul Wind Energy (50 MW) Jhampir, United Energy Pakistan (99 MW) Jhampir, Hydro China Dawood Power (50 MW) Gharo, Master Wind Energy (50 MW) Jhampir and Tenaga Generasi (50 MW) Gharo. Some 14 wind power projects with a cumulative capacity of 664 MW were at different stages of project development and were expected to be completed by 2017-2018.