Apple launches solar energy programs in China to reduce environmental impact

Apple has revealed that it is going to increase assistance of up to 200 megawatts in Chinese solar power projects. Between them the projects will prevent 20 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases pouring into the atmosphere between now and 2020. Apple has put in effort to mitigate environmental damages in the region and the programs are the company’s recent effort in that respect.

“Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and the time for action is now”, Cook said in a press release. These farms are located in Southern China and provide 40 megawatts of power.

However, the big test comes next: greening Apple’s manufacturing facilities.

Two – encouraging its partners and suppliers to become more energy efficient.

The number of paid iOS app developers increased by 56 per cent past year. iOS-based project development has facilitated the creation of 1.4 million jobs, nearly half of the 4.4 million jobs Apple has created in China.

But Apple has received criticism in the past over its relationship with its suppliers in the world’s second-largest economy.

The solar panels, which will be built by 2018 in China’s Henan province, are created to produce as much renewable energy as Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory consumes while making iPhones.

Last month, it came to light that hackers had infiltrated the Apple ecosystem by injecting malicious software into popular Chinese mobile apps including popular instant messaging service WeChat.

Terry Gou, founder and CEO of Foxconn Technology Group, said: “Sustainability is a core pillar in Foxconn’s strategy and we are committed to investing in green manufacturing”.

Not only that, Apple wields political power as its CEO, Tim Cook meets with global leaders to offer insights from the tech space. Other Silicon Valley giants are also moving into renewable energy, including Google, which announced a new wind power investment in Kenya this week. This latest effort will be seen as part of Apple’s commitment to combat climate change.

The company is also partnering with its suppliers, including Foxconn, to install clean energy alternatives at the heart of their manufacturing operations.