Iberdrola and ASAJA agree to collaborate on boosting solar photovoltaic generation in agricultural sector

Iberdrola and the Young Farmers’ Agricultural Association  (ASAJA) have entered into an agreement about boosting the comprehensive solar photovoltaic generation solution offered by the electric utility to its customers, Smart Solar Iberdrola, which enables them to generate and consume their own energy by installing this type of technology.

The agreement was signed at Iberdrola’s offices in Madrid by the Managing Director of Iberdrola Clientes, Aitor Moso; the Chairman of ASAJA nationwide, Pedro Barato; and the General Secretary of this organisation, Juan Sánchez-Brunete.

Under the terms of this agreement, which will initially be for a year with the possibility of being extended, the two organisations will collaborate on publicising and providing the Smart Solar Iberdrola service to the agricultural sector, which is represented by ASAJA and one of the main target groups for which this new retail product is intended.

They will perform feasibility tests to boost this technology for the facilities, members, customers and other points of supply represented by ASAJA. They will also collaborate on providing, marketing and publicising the service in this sector.  A follow-up committee consisting of a representative from each organisation will be set up to carry out this work.

ASAJA is the largest professional agricultural organisation in Spain, with over 200,000 members that either work on farms directly, such as owners and lease-holders, or who are family members that collaborate on farm-related activities.

Its goal is to defend family farms and agricultural enterprises arranged under any form of private initiative and give them a boost as feasible economic activities, while seeking to enhance the conditions for young people starting off in agriculture, providing them with professional training opportunities and in general, defending the competitiveness of the Spanish agricultural and livestock sector both nationwide and abroad.

Comprehensive Smart Solar Iberdrola solution

With this new retail product, Iberdrola offers its customers a streamlined package including the design, assembly and commissioning of a fully customised solar installation, as well as finance, advice, comprehensive maintenance, management and supervision of the facilities via web tools and innovative applications.  The company also offers all the back-up energy that may be required.

Thanks to this turnkey solution proposed by the company, domestic customers in single-family homes, SMEs, irrigation communities and large corporations will be able to find out on a non-committal basis if solar energy is an effective alternative for them. If that is the case, they will be able to generate and consume their own electricity, optimising consumption and enhancing the energy efficiency of their facilities.

The company therefore makes it clear that its vocation for service goes beyond the mere provision of an electricity supply, as it includes bespoke advice for customers. Iberdrola is also intent on continuing to drive the paradigm shift in energy, just as it did 15 years ago with its ground-breaking commitment to wind power, with various innovative proposals for photovoltaic producers and all the customers that would like to make the sun their main source of energy.